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High Point Regional High School District Choice Profile For 2022

The graduating class of 2011 had SAT scores on par with state and national averages, including an average SAT Critical Reading score of 498 , an average Math score of 520 , and an average Writing score of 500 . The school was the 142nd-ranked public high school in New Jersey out of 339 schools statewide in New Jersey Monthly magazine’s September 2014 cover story on the state’s “Top Public High Schools”, using a new ranking methodology. The school had been ranked 88th in the state of 328 schools in 2012, after being ranked 125th in 2010 out of 322 schools listed. The school was ranked 151st in the magazine’s September 2006 issue, which surveyed 316 schools across the state. The school was recently ranked first of 53 schools in the state in the “DE” District Factor Group by The Star-Ledger and second in the DFG by New Jersey Monthly magazine. By 2021 the new Montague board sought to dismiss lawsuits against High Point.

High Point was named for being the highest point on the North Carolina Railroad between Goldsboro and Charlotte, as city’s central location in the state appeals to industry and commerce. Hospitals should have an average radiation dose for routine CT scans of the head that falls within national benchmarks. Hospitals should deliver at least 50 very-low birth weight babies per year OR the hospital must maintain a lower-than-average morbidity/mortality rate for very-low birth weight babies.

With the addition of the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation , transit improvements on a regional basis will occur. Freemammograms.org is a user-contributed database of health care centers that offer free breast exams. Montague Township School District 2016 District Narrative, New Jersey School Report Card.

High Point Regional’s Culp Women’s Center is a convenient, inviting facility that houses the Women’s Imaging Suite and the Women’s Resource Center. Culp Women’s Center, which was designed by our experienced and service-oriented staff, includes private waiting rooms, spacious classrooms for classes and meetings, and direct access to the Childbirth Suite & Newborn Nursery. Culp Women’s Center’s all-female staff includes a certified lactation consultant, certified mammography technicians, nurse educators, and instructors. High Point Regional High School is proud to be a part of the Interdistrict School Choice program. We look forward to offering students the opportunity to attend High Point and experience our world class curriculum and programs.

Additionally, this hospital does not have protocols in place to ensure that bariatric surgery for weight loss is only performed on patients that meet defined criteria. It is our mission to educate and provide our patients with the best dental care in High Point. For that reason, we’ve designed this website to provide you with all of the important information you need to make healthy decisions about your teeth and gums. We encourage you to browse our office page, service details and patient education library whenever you have a question about our practice or your oral health.

Passes must be requested by a college/university program professor on letterhead by October 1. Email request with a list of students who are attending to All passes are mailed to the college/university program professor. Student passes are issued to students enrolled in a college/university degree program with a course of study that must be relative to home furnishings. Students are encouraged to attend the last 2 days of the Market and must be accompanied by a college/university professor.

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